About Bankingrfp.com

three+one® is pleased to announce the development and implementation of the first-ever electronic online banking Request for Proposal, “RFP”, service, bankingrfp.com, for public and higherEd institutions to facilitate the bidding of banking, treasury and investment management services. This online service takes a very difficult, tedious manual procurement process and streamlines it into very smooth and hassle-free process. This online service has zero human touches and is fully automated, thus producing no errors and guarantee of fair bidding. This process provides a series of questions that are assigned a score, which are then tabulated from 1 to 100 The same system will provide a final report to the end user/client for whom bidding is being carried out. This report contains the information of all the banks sorted based on their responses and scores which makes it easier for the client to compare responses on a fair "apples to apples" basis, allowing an entity to choose the best financial institution to meet their needs. In the past, this process takes several months to carry our and involves thousands pages of documents to assess, score and award.

As a positive disturber, three+one has revolutionized the banking RFP process and is changing the way in-which public and higherEd institutions bid for their banking, treasury and investment management services, in a far easier, more efficient and cost effective manner.